Structural Assessment Services

Brain-Based Neurology, Health and Posture

You may already be aware of the fact that the nervous system, consisting of the brain, spine and nerves, is the controlling system of the body. It is the first system that is formed in the fetus and without it we would be dead. In fact, when there is an injury to the brain, coma is induced to lower the work load so it can focus on healing itself.


There is an absolute correlation between the health of the nervous system, the brain specifically, and your posture. You will never see anyone with a stooped posture who is healthy, bear in mind that health is NOT just lack of pain.


Due to our modern lifestyle, utilizing digital devices like computers, smartphones and tablets, the majority of children would rather play games on their digital devices than go outside to play. We have an epidemic on the rise.


Brain-Based Neurology and Posture addresses the impact of our lifestyle on the master coordinating organ, the brain, and how it adversely impacts its performance which in turn impacts our health. You may have seen someone whose arm or leg was broken or fractured and put in a cast. When the cast is removed, that arm is weak and cannot perform its function until it is rehabilitated.


The area of the brain (homunculus) corresponding to that same arm shrinks due to the lack of brain function while it was in a cast. As the activity of that arm increases, the shrunken part of the brain regains its size and full healing takes place. In other words, lack of use means loss. Of course, this goes for any part of the body when it lacks use, the associated controlling brain part shrinks.


Our lifestyle dictates over-stimulation of certain parts of the brain while under-utilizing many other parts. Studies have shown the impact of brain stimulation in severe cases like Alzheimer’s disease, showing improvement when correctly influenced.


At Irvine Spine and Wellness Center, we belong to a very small group of doctors and health care professionals who understand the role of the brain on a variety of conditions that people suffer from daily, take medications for, seek physical therapy to rehabilitate and yet, the condition persists and comes back.


Through a very systematic and objective assessment of the brain and its associated nerves, Dr. Shakib is able to find the area(s) in need of stimulation and with a series of brain-based exercises, patients are able to rehabilitate the very part that controls the body part they have a problem with. This is not only for people with brain injuries.


Everyone living in today’s digital world suffers from its adverse effects on the brain. Brain-Based Postural Neurology is for people of all ages and genders, with or without known chronic conditions. We are finally able to address the problem from end to end. From the brain to the body part, we provide simple brain exercises and associated lifestyle modifications that are easy to do, not requiring drastic changes in life to put an end to the aches and pains, limitations and unhappiness. We empower our patients so THEY can continue reproducing the same beneficial result for the rest of their lives.


An analogy that puts everything in better perspectives is that of starting a fire to cook food. There needs to be a spark, oxygen and not too much wind. Chiropractic adjustments are the “spark”- they start the attention of the nervous system. The brain-based exercises to awaken the brain to give commands as is designed to do, is the “oxygen.” The lifestyle modifications that need to be in place to sustain the health and wellness that you want is the “not too much wind.”


Remember that you are the Designer and Director of your life so Design and Direct to empower yourself with the basic natural facts so YOU can provide YOURSELF with the ingredients to health. Your health comes from you and not to you so start today by first finding out what brain area(s) need(s) immediate attention, and then learn how to stimulate the ‘shrunken’ brain area. Remember that this is not all that is required to be healthy and live a long, happy life!

What you eat and how you think also play a HUGE role. Health is a tri-fold of Structure (Brain and body parts), Nutrition and Emotions (the inner conversation that no one gets to witness.) At Irvine Spine and Wellness Center, we understand this value and walk the path that we talk with our patients about and hope to be a part of your journey to better health.


Our Chiropractic Techniques

Unnecessary adjustments are as bad as no adjustments and imprecise spinal manipulations are like driving with no destination. 

At our clinic, we take pride in recognizing the spinal manipulation time from other methods of neural stimulation. We treat the hypermobile and bendy population which need the accuracy in the manipulation the most. No neck and back roles, no cracking because you like the crack sound. If that is what you are looking for, this is not the right clinic for you.

“The Best Chiropractor I’ve had. Results are the most important thing to Dr. Shakib. If you are looking for a “rack and crack” don’t go. If you aren’t ready to pay attention and make some minor changes to correct what causes your pain, don’t go… If you want undeniable results and need someone to trust, great choice. Her staff is the best at making you feel comfortable even when it hurts. When I first came in grumpy and in pain, Carolyn just smiled and made me feel at ease. The minor tweaks in my posture and habits made a noticeable difference where people have commented at the improvement. She works with athletes and is normal people with the same care. She isn’t just all talk. She gets in there with you and demonstrates any therapy work with you, and never makes you feel bad if it’s hard. If you are in pain and need Chiropractic care, see Dr Shakib.”


-Marc P.  // Aliso Viejo, CA

Active Release Technique (A.R.T.)
Manual and Massage Therapy

Our trained massage therapists have one goal in mind: assisting you to get rid of pain, tension and the soft tissue causes of your condition. Please make sure you drink plenty of water before and after your manual therapy session and do not forget to give feedback to your therapist so your therapy session can be optimized.

Neuromuscular massage

Hypermobility-specific massage

Head, Neck, Jaw specific Manual Therapy

Sports massage

Deep tissue (not deep pressure)

Active Release Technique (ART)


Myofascial Release

Pregnancy massage

Personal Training
Why personal training?

Once you are cleared by our doctor, you may start your Personal Training at our facility. This service provides specific instruction, proper advice and positive supervision and encouragement to optimize the work out time and to challenge the muscles in a safe and healthy way, resulting in structural improvement of your body and better appearance without the risk of injury. This is different from ‘training’ because your whole exercise time is supervised with any and all medical ‘limitations’ in mind.

Can I get a list of exercises and do them at home?

Yes. You will be instructed on the proper way to perform many exercises. Once your goals are determined, we will select specific exercises designed to help you reach your goals and will provide complete instructions on how to perform each. Once you have completed proper training, you will be able to train at home and follow your custom workouts.

Is this a luxury service or good for weight loss and health optimization?

Personal Training is not a luxury service and is quite affordable. We have many options available to help keep the costs as low and accessible as possible.

Does my insurance pay for it?

Once recommended by one of our doctors, this service is recognized by your HSA/FSA.

What if I don’t have a HSA/FSA?

Fear not! We have never turned away any interested individuals.