Why Irvine Spine & Wellness Center?


“I understand life with pain is frustrating, and overwhelming.



I know how it feels to not be able to do the things you love doing because you don’t have the energy nor the time.


 I tailor your treatment to your case and your needs and give you the road map to a healthier future.”

-Dr. Shakib

Why Dr. Shakib?

I have been in practice for over two decades and have seen many patients for many reasons. My focus is the neurology behind posture, functional movement, joint and movement stability and pelvic floor dysfunction assessment to see the why behind your pain and dysfunction.

My clinic is the last stop place for many and I see patients that travel from other states to be examined and treated. If you are looking for a neck and back crack, this clinic is not the best fit but if you are looking to put an end to your pain, see the correlation between your posture and movement stability and their relationship with pain, if you understand that stability is the linchpin of and are ready to focus on you, contact me.

Dr. Shakib



“Dr. Shakib and her staff are the best!  Due to Covid things are a bit different but very much appreciated.  Upon arrival you text or call the office to let them know you have arrived.  You wait in the car until “the coast is clear” and they text you back letting you know it is okay to enter.  They run a very tight ship and want to assure not too many people are in the office at once.  I am always greeted with a warm and friendly welcome upon arrival.  I have been coming to their office off and on for a while now.  Unfortunatley, I had to have spinal surgery so I saw Dr. S. before surgery and am now seeing her post-surgery to learn how to move again and engage my tummy muscles “barrrel” as  she calls it.  I am very thankful for her knowledge and expertise.  I would recommend them for anyone who is experiencing any type of weakness or injury.  They will fix you up in no time and get you back to feeling good again!”

Jennifer W. // Tustin CA


I’m so glad to have found Irvine Spine & Wellness Center. I Spent years visiting various doctors and facilities searching for help, information, and relief, only to leave each appointment more confused and lost. From my very first appointment with Dr Shakib, I knew this place was different. She listened and was very attentive to the small details, she not only helped identify issues but she goes even further in explaining why and how things happen so that I have an understanding of what’s going on, giving me the tools to prevent future issues. I leave each appointment more knowledgeable than the last about how my body moves and I’m so much more aware because of her. The whole staff is amazing and friendly, I feel so welcomed each time I visit.

Krystal B. // Mission Viejo, CA


Our experience with Irvine Spine & Wellness Center has been nothing short of transformative. Postpartum, my wife received extraordinary care from Dr. Shakib and the team, relieving her of pelvic pain and other discomforts related to childbirth.

As a software engineer, I was grappling with neck and back issues and poor posture. The center’s dedicated staff worked diligently to alleviate my pain, helping me correct my posture and navigate the challenges of my profession.

What sets this center apart is their holistic approach to wellness. They went beyond mere adjustments, instilling in us an understanding of how our daily routines and activities influence our wellbeing.

In a nutshell, Irvine Spine & Wellness Center stands out as a remarkable resource for all seeking comprehensive care and guidance on their journey to better health. Their expert team is undoubtedly a godsend for those dealing with bodily discomfort and looking to improve their quality of life.

Shawn X. // Irvine, CA