Brain-based Neurology & Posture

“Let’s give your nervous system the “spark” with Chiropractic adjustment, and turn the “spark’ to ‘flame’ with the brain-based neurology exercises; now enjoy your health by the ‘cozy fire’ you have managed to have! ” -Dr. Shakib


Brain-Based Neurology and Posture

While we all know that taking meds is simply a band-aid approach, why is it that despite doing Physical Therapy or seeing a chiropractor, the same condition seems to reoccur?

I have been in practice for over two decades and started wondering the same thing too. I used to think that maybe the patients were not being careful or they were not compliant or maybe insurance companies with limited coverage played a role. I looked at the “outside” for the “inside” problem!!

When I reverse-engineered the process, I discovered something that made a drastic change in stopping reoccurring injuries and making actual headway.


Our Brain controls every function— EVERY FUNCTION— of our body

 It wants us to:

  • have the most pleasant time at any moment, given what you give it 
  • live a long life

It needs oxygen, glycogen (for food) and activation to live

-If we give it what it needs, it will be happy and if we take away one of those things, it won’t!

-Injury means pain and limitation and limitation mean less brain activation.

Less brain activation means that part of the brain that is in charge of ‘that’ movement does not get to do its job like it was supposed to. This change in brain sensory and the motor map is seen in brain images and  leads to the shrinkage of the part of the brain that practices balance and posture.

If we activate the body part whose function was compromised, that part of the brain in charge of the MOVEMENT of THAT body part will start being activated.

During my exam, through up to 79 specific tests, I am able to MAP your brain with regards to POSTURE to see what parts need special attention. Specific at-home exercises are also given to activate the part of the brain that needs to become up to par. The exam ends with Postural Imaging which is an objective way of seeing your initial and progressed presentation. Our goal is solid facts that show where you are at any given point of your treatment.

The solution to every problem seems to be so simple once you know the answer!

THIS is how re-occurrence of an injury is minimized, and I say minimized because many patients don’t necessarily attend to their pain, injury and/or limitations in a timely manner and take medicine to mask the discomfort for as long as possible. Many times, it can take only a few simple lifestyle modifications to help bring  better posture and function. Let me give you an example: if you get up every hour from behind your desk to move, you will impose much less damage to your joints than you may realize. Health is in movement.

Check out my eBook to learn my daily routine to be on top of the game and to sharpen my Brain and Posture. 

You are the Designer and the Director of your own life so design and direct it the way you wish to live it.

Dr. Shakib


“Dr. Shakib is an amazing woman. I had the pleasure to meet her through Instagram before I ever went to her studio. After finally getting to meet her, I can not recommend her enough to so many people.Her philosophy and knowledge of functional training are outstanding. She knows how important spine,  brain,  posture, and gut health and how they are all important in working together to bring the body in harmony. She also fixes not the main issues but underlining factors that might be associated with imbalancement in the body then reteaches the brain to do the motor functions correctly.I can’t wait to go back!”

 – Brandon D. // Irvine, CA