What To Expect

We listen, demystify the cause of pain and fear of unknown, and give you the road map to the healthy life you deserve to have!

“Love your life pain-free and enjoy Life worry-free”


How Do We Do It?


Unique Exam
When was the last time you saw a healthy person with poor posture? When was the last time you saw an unhealthy person with a great posture? NEVER – That is because the two don’t go together. I not only examine the spine and the associated nerves like all the other Chiropractic offices, but also, through a series of up to 79 different tests, I am able to map the brain (with regards to posture) to find out which areas are weak, leading to the problems that made you look for the solution.

Brain-based Neurology and Posture is the gateway to the postural and movement correctness. During the exam, your functional movement is assessed as well to see how much of your movement and your posture are done with the normal Biological patterns followed. The exam ends with Postural Imaging which will be studied for further hidden clues.

During your exam I learn more about what you are doing that got you in where you are at.
It may be pain that got you motivated or maybe you just don’t have the energy you wish you had. It may be optimizing your athletic performance if you are an athlete or maybe you just wish to improve the quality of your life. No matter what your reason- your activities at work, your personal life, your sleeping habits, your general work-out habits- your ‘story’ is unique to you and the clue to any deviation from health.

All of those factors are evaluated so you can make the necessary changes to be the hero of this adventure. We may refer you for X-rays of relevant areas depending on the exam findings and schedule a report of your findings so you know from the start which areas we need to focus on. 


Report of your findings

We will need time to put all pieces of the puzzle together to see what your ‘story’ is. A clear road map to your health goal will be spelled out so you know EXACTLY what the outline of your treatment will be. This is when the following questions are answered:

What is wrong with me?
Can it be fixed?
How long is it going to take?
What is going to take place treatment wise?
How much is this going to take?
What should I expect?


Begin care

Based on what your health wishes are, your tailored treatment plan will be discussed with everything spelled out. The re-examination time is when we check the previously positive findings and re-do the Postural Imaging which will be emailed to you for your records as well. We are all on the same team, and we have NEVER had a case where every one followed the recommendation and did not see improvement!!