Have you noticed how some people get sick and some people at the same time don’t? Are those who don’t get sick in a bubble that protects them from those ‘germs’? Is it the presence of germs that causes disease or is it the absence of strong immune system that we should explore more?

I don’t intend to use this blog to get political, nor to discuss hot issues such as vaccination as an example. I am inviting you to use the common sense, exploring what I am sharing with you.

There is no doubt that sanitation is the key to healthier living. When it comes to change of season, there seems to also be a prevalence of conditions that come to the surface; it is therefore crucial to make sure that the amount of stress is specially low when it comes to those times.

I am not referring to psychological stress only- lack of sleep is taxing to the immune system and without a strong immune system, we are open to receive all that is there to attack us. We need to be well hydrated and have a healthy level of Vitamin D – not what the lab range considers to be healthy!!!

Remember, lab range is based on the pool of patients that go to the lab which are typically unhealthy individuals!!!! The healthy range is irrevelant to who, with what conditions goes to what lab!!! A healthy level of Vitamin D is not 34 but 65 nanogram /milliliter. It is highly essential for both simple and complex functions of the body. Thankfully it is available to everyone regardless of age, gender, race, socio-economic level, education, etc. (NATURE KNEW HOW IMPORTANT IT WAS SO IT MADE IT READILY AVAILABLE, without realizing that we human beings still managed to get deficient by living indoors and avoiding normal, healthy life style).

Since our food typically is low on nutritional contents, it is important to supplement ourselves with products such as Colostrum, Olive Leaf Extract and Oil of Oregano which are typically anti-viral, anti-bacterial and essentially immune boosters. I also like Zinc and Vitamin C which are both great immune boosters. Knowing that the immunity of human body is impacted by the Sympathetic Nervous System which resides in the mid back or Thoracic spine, it is highly important to assure that the mid back spine is free of any fixation or misalignments – this means mid back adjustments are highly beneficial. When it comes to the lymphatic draining, cervical or neck adjustments are crucial and I also recommend lymphatic drainage massage to assure proper flow of the lymphatics specially when it comes to the sinus issues.

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Remember, you are the Designer and the Director of your own life so design and direct it the way you wish to live it.

Dr Shakib