Each year there seems to be a HUGE problem with many having cold like symptoms. While the weather gets the most blame, is it really the weather to go after? This blog is meant to open up your eyes to a different way of looking at things. The more thorough assessment of sickness and how to prevent getting sick. What is very clear is that not everyone gets sick and not every one gets sick to the same extent and intensity.

What sets them apart? Super genes? Luck? or something else? I am going to explore this subject more in detail so hopefully by the time you are done, you can better control your faith when it comes to getting a cold or sinus issues.

I did a video on my youtube channel here on sinus infection and headaches which seems to be quite prevalent and those who suffer from it seem to have it as that uninvited annual visitor!!! If you like what you see, you should subscribe to my youtube channel here for a lot more health related short videos intended to empower you with the knowledge.


There are 4 different angles that need to be looked at. The actual structure (respiratory system, immune system and nervous system), nutrition and life style and finally emotion. In case of a cold, look at what I am about to tell you as a story of a war about to happen.

The Commander in Chief (the Brain) has to send the command, down the route of communication (spinal column, spinal nerves and autonomic nervous system) to the specific ‘state’ where the war is about to take place (immune system) to the soldiers within that city (the respiratory organs). Any interference with this line of command will lead to potential loss of a war or a delay in winning of the war!


This is pretty clear: The brain has to be alert and on top of its game, the pathway of command needs to be clear for a timely receipt of command and report back to the Commander, the soldiers need to be well trained, well rested and well nourished!!!


So far everything should be clear, I hope. Let’s now break this down to the parts mentioned. Clearly the Brain is alert but is it happy? Is it happy with what you give it since it is at the mercy of your decisions and wishes. You see, your brain knows its role and is very good executing its role but if you decide to interfere, it will not be able to do what it knows no matter what.

A Brain that is exhausted from what it has to deal with on a regular basis that contradicts its design ( sedentary life style, eating processed food, addiction to drugs-> prescription or not<-, having the Eyore attitude that is always negative, etc.) is not as optimal in its alertness and happiness as the alternative.


You guessed it, Hormones are secreted, spinal nerves and autonomic nervous system are activated, neural pathways are utilized and the message is now at the location where the types of defense have to be determined.

Majority of diseases are fought by the Sympathetic Nervous System which is in the mid back area, therefore adjustment of the mid back and lower neck do an amazing job in keeping everything in top shape. Your immune system is stimulated now, Type 1 or 2 immune pathways are called for action and each, when needed, will dispatch the right soldiers.

The soldiers are now at full force to defend you against the pathogen they are fighting. Every time I talk about this, I get goose bumps knowing that each of us has so many tools to protect us. What a blessing, in fact.


Rest, because most immunity recharge and healing takes place at sleep. Eat less but eat clean food – free of pesticide and herbicide, chemicals and preservatives, food that is least processed and close to how it was created in nature. Drink plenty to hydrate your soldiers.

Give food that gives the most boost in immunity. Ginger, Tumeric, garlic, onions, berries are all great. Zinc and Vitamin C are essential. Up your protein intake which doesn’t have to come from animals necessarily. Acknowledge your body’s signal if it is giving you the message to slow down.

It needs to conserve the energy to up the defense. Have a positive attitude, and thank yourself and your body for being so kind to you, for dispatching all the faculties you are born with, and to be on your side.

If you were looking for a lotion, potion or pill advice, this blog certainly is not the right one to go to. If you study the behavior and attitude of those who are healthy, you will see that there are certain commonalities so no need to reinvent the wheel. Remember, you are the Designers and the Directors of your own life so design and direct it the way you wish to live it. Go do the right thing!!! 🙂 Dr. Shakib