Office of Irvine Chiropractor Dr Shakib

Office of Irvine Chiropractor Dr. Shakib

Orange County Register asked how I can stay positive and strong when our Holy Jim cabin was lost in the fire. I am here to tell you my simple answer; If ‘it’ has a price tag, it can be replaced!!

There are 3 things in life that I value the most: Health, Family and the Legacy I will leave behind after I am gone. They did an article about this and I KNOW my positive attitude did not happen overnight. I have made it my mission to learn about health in addition to my brain’s likes and dislikes.

At times of tragedy, it is best to re-assess our lives.

I invite you to do what I do every single day to make sure you stay healthy physically and mentally. I have 17 tips on how to stay healthy and the best part is you don’t need to take any extra time doing them; they are all coupled with different routines we do daily to assure they get done no matter what. For example, I brush my teeth with my left hand while I am right handed; this actually surprises my brain into thinking that something is different and boosts my energy because of that!! Of course, after awhile, I am going to switch over to the right side to get the brain out of the routine mode. I also stand on one leg and switch over to the other side while doing it.

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I have a routine that I incorporate into my changing clothes for work or home that I do daily so I am bound to do it at least a couple of times a day. Here is how I do it. Bottom line is we can live life as if we were born to go to work and come home to eat and go to bed or we do what we were born to accomplish. What is YOUR MISSION IN LIFE?

Below is the OC Register publication in case you want to read the whole article and remember, you are in charge of how you think and how you live your life.


Dr. Shakib


OC Register Article