Chronic headaches is very common these days and most chronic headache sufferers occasionally think they maybe having a brain tumor! While most headaches are tension headache, the source of most of them is from the neck.

You may have heard of Cervicogenic headache which is a fancy way of saying it is originating from the neck. Most of the time, by just looking at a patient I see tell tale signs of this part of the brain that when activated causes headaches. In Brain Based Neurology and Posture, we are able to map the brain when it comes to postural distortions which are sometimes not so obvious to you.

Next time you see a picture of yourself, see if your head is tilted to one side. That is a clue as to something deeper. In this video, you will see 2 simple signs that show the activation of Mesencephalon (midbrain) which leads to headaches. The solution is so simple that you won’t believe and can be ordered online.

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Mamak Shakib, DC