“Dr. Shakib, what is my posture telling you?”


Do you want to know what your posture is like?

What if I say your Postural Imaging says a lot about the cause of your problem ?

If you do the following and send your picture to me, I will email your result .

No obligation just an opportunity to learn about yourself so do it!!

*Stand in front of a blank wall

*Wear a tight shirt and tight shorts/pants so the contour of your shoulders and waist line are shown

*Have someone (or use a tripod) take a 2 pictures of you against the blank wall, one from the front and one from the side

FRONT:  Take a picture of you showing the top of your head to the toes CLEARLY

     SIDE:  Take a picture of you turned to the left so the right side of your body is toward the camera

*Send your pictures to drs@ensurewellness.com

Subject line: Website Postural Imaging

Include in the body of the email your name and phone number