How Unknown Trauma Can Affect Your Life

How is it possible to have a trauma in life and not know it? How can this get passed on from generation to generation to make the source of trauma multi-generational? What is the starting point to resolve the impact to have a more balanced and happy life? These are all questions that are discussed in this episode with Sepi Bai.

After receiving her BA in Business, Sepi chose a path of personal growth and human mind as her mission. She studied with teachers such as Deepak Chopra, Jean Huston, and Tibetan Buddhist organizations and became a mediation guide.

Being a Reiki master, she considers herself a conduit to help with the flow of energy and bringing awareness to the interconnectivity between people and everything else. This also has led her to study the human mind further and under the training of Melissa Tier, who is a hypnotherapist.

With interest in healing from trauma, she expanded her training even further to include the work influenced by Europe’s famous Dr. Franz Ruppert and his “Identity Oriented Psychodrama Therapy” method. Today, Sepi helps many in her private and biweekly group sessions to overcome the impact of trauma that they may or may not be aware of.

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