Glycerin: The Magical Lotion with Medicinal Properties


If you are looking for a healthy lotion with medicinal properties, look no further. Glycerin, mixed with a tiny bit of lemon juice does magic to those chapped heels and that irritated skin. But be careful to use no GMO or Petroleum based Glycerin.

If you decide to make your own lotion or soap you’ll need animal or plant-derived oil like lard, tallow, palm oil, or coconut oil; as well as lye, water, and salt.

  1. Mix sea salt and 2 ounces of water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Stir well and set aside to cool.
  2. In a glass container, add lye to 9 ounces of water and stir thoroughly. The mixture will heat rapidly because of a chemical reaction. Set it aside to cool to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Pour the oil into a large saucepan and warm it on a stove-top over medium-low heat until it reaches 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Carefully pour the lye and water mixture into the oil, and stir thoroughly.
  5. Continue stirring the mixture for around 15 minutes. Once the mixture thickens, add in the brine, stir briefly and allow it to cool. Place the mixture in the refrigerator overnight.
  6. Skim off curdles of soap on top of the mixture. You can pour these curdles into a mold to make a bar of soap. After you’ve removed all traces of soap, pour the glycerin liquid into a glass container and then seal it tightly.

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