German New Medicine: A new way of looking at sickness and disease- Interview with Dr. Alvin De Leon

German New Medicine (GNM) is based on the premise that we are Biological beings and every emotional conflict impacts us on a cellular level. With its foundation of 5 Biological Laws, GNM is able to trace the current health issues back to the areas of brain and cell level to identify the ‘type’ of emotional conflict that contributed to that specific health issue.
Interestingly enough, it can ‘predict’ the potential areas of ‘impact’ as a result of current emotional conflict. It looks at health issues not as a negative thing but rather a sign of ‘healing’ from an emotional conflict that might have occurred in the past.
This interview with Dr. Alvin De Leon, a practicing chiropractic physician from Canada who uses GNM in his clinical practice was rather enlightening and eye opening.
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