In today’s society, we are sitting mostly. The forward flexion encouraged by our daily routine is highly damaging, impacting our health at every level. From sore neck and back and headaches, to decrease in our ability to take oxygen in sufficiently, to increase in the mid back curve beyond healthy level which is now found to be associated with short life span- just to name a few.

While on the surface these issues are un-related, they are not. You see, in order for us to sustain life and hopefully a healthy one, we need to provide oxygen and have a decent functioning brain. I am not talking about IQ here!! I am talking about well functioning brain- the very organ that controls all functions in the body through the complex nervous system.

To provide oxygen, one needs to be able to take deep breaths. The seated posture, with increase in forward flexion and mid back curve is in contrast to the basic need for oxygenation. No wonder studies show that people with hyperkyphosis (increase in mid back curve) live a short life!! Duh, of course they do! Who can live long if they can’t breath well enough, right?

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Remember, you are the Designer and the Director of your life so design and direct it the way you wish to live it.


Dr. Shakib