Massage Therapy Do’s and Don’ts

Drink plenty of water BEFORE and AFTER your massage session to assure the toxins released (Lactic Acid) during the session get flushed out of your system.

Depending on your treatment, the technique of massage used maybe different. Some may require you to disrobe to your underwear (sheets will cover your body) while exposing the area to be worked on. If this is not something you wish to do, please let the therapist know and make sure you wear comfortable clothing that is non-slippery.

Generally, the therapist uses non-perfumed, hypoallergenic lotions. If you wish ‘dry’ massage, please communicate that with the therapist at the beginning of your session.

You will receive 25 minute and 55 minute sessions for the scheduled 30 and 60 minute appointments respectively.

The therapist is briefed on your specific treatment needs and if you have a specific area that you want your session to focus on, please let us know.

The manual technique used is very specific to your type of condition. Sometimes it is fascia and connective tissue and at times, it is geared toward muscles and trigger points. Deeper pressure does not necessarily produce the result we want. If you already know of techniques that produce the best result for you, please share it with your therapist.

Your feedback only ADDs to the effectiveness of your session so please let us know of your thoughts.

Tipping is not required and is left at your discretion.

Please keep in mind that the time scheduled is strictly reserved for you so a 24 hour notice of cancellation is required.