Lower back is one of the most commonly treated conditions in today’s society. With the sedentary lifestyle, either behind our computers, driving in traffic or attending meetings/ school, the lower back spine is one of the most deteriorated parts of the spine.

As a side note, let’s not forget about the fact that they nerves exiting that area, allow the Brain, the master coordinator, to communicate with the internal organs such as the intestine, bladder, ovaries/testicles, uterus/prostate as well. Look at it this way, the command center (Brain) sends the command down the highway (spinal cord), to side streets, (spinal nerves) to the house (body parts). This of course is simply put but certainly does a great job clarifying what the healthy pathway is.

If there is traffic (interference) on the highway (spinal cord) and streets (spinal nerves) the message will get to the end destination with delay and at times, not fully transferred. This means dis-ease and then disease. Next time you think it is just a back pain, headache or neck pain, then you think it is not killing you and it is not bad enough, remember this example I just shared with you.

The purpose of this blog is to simply discuss what muscle gets ignored the most when it comes to the lower back pain but the whole health of the body has to do with free-ing up the transmission of message from the Brain to the body parts.

With that said, when it comes to the lower back, the health of the muscles on the opposite side and directly across the spine is crucial. Yes, that means the LOWER abdominal muscles. Many do sit ups, and crunches and so many different variety of abdominal exercises however, the lower ab. muscles get ignored or hardly ever worked out. It is important to target the exercise so ONLY the lower ab. is being worked on. In this video, I show how to specifically target the lower ab muscles which is crucial in the health of the lower back region of the spine. If you like what you see, I absolutely encourage you to subscribe to my youtube channel, packed with educational videos here. It is also a great idea to like and follow my office FB page which will display other health related and educational videos, articles and messages.

Remember, you are the Designer and the Director of your own life so design and direct it the way you wish to live it.

Dr. Shakib