“The nervous system establishes programs that control human posture, movement and gait. This ‘motor control’ is largely established during the first critical years of life. ”  The website Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) gives a more technical explanation on the essence of DNS which is intended for the professionals such as Chiropractors, physical therapists and the professionals involved in Sports medicine and advance physical medicine. You can visit their website to better understand it and this video, while with some technical components may be of interest to you.

As a Chiropractor, I learned that the nervous system being the first system in the fetus to develop is at the very core of health. You see, the nervous system consisted of the Brain, spinal, spinal nerves and Autonomic Nervous system, controls all the functions of the body. There are pathways and tracks, similar to highways, streets and roads that allow the communication between the brain and the body parts to take place. Any interference with this communication leads to malfunction and dis-ease. The disease is down the road from this path. It does not matter WHAT body part we talk about, this is the method of communication.

So as a chiropractor, I adjust the spine to stimulate this very system. In this video, you will see my view on what an adjustment is for.

Practicing for a long time, I saw many of my patients improving. Lifestyle modifications were always a part of the game and the majority of my patients, because of the type of practice I have and had then been able to sustain their higher level of health steadily. There were always cases where something was missing and I was interested in upping the results to something above 80-85%. That led me to specialize in Brain-based neurology and posture.

What is Brain-based Neurology and Posture?

In short, it is doing a certain type of neurological examination with Posture and Brain as the focus. Certain tests led to understanding certain weaknesses in the Brain parts that had to do with Posture. Since we already know that brain responds well to positive and adapts itself to the negatives if that is the lifestyle, it is understood that we can positively influence the brain to strengthen the weaker parts that have to do with posture and therefore get long lasting results. You can learn more about Brain-based neurology and posture and certainly contact me if any questions.

Why DNS?

While Brain-based Neurology and Posture certainly “awakens” the brain in that the weak parts associated with the posture are now activated well enough that they are back in ‘business’, the body parts that were involved, having been full heartedly uninvolved for a while, can be rehabilitated.

What makes sense is to see how babies, born with body parts and muscles developed the strength in individual muscles and then learned to move one body part while moving other parts.

Movement is like a concert, body parts are the individual musicians that need to play their instrument, the brain is the conductor that guides the flow of ‘notes’ and the concert is when it all comes together. If it has worked for all babies with little to NO ability to move, to move perfectly, if it is for everyone regardless of gender, location, race, or genetic background, then why not learn from that? Why re-invent the wheels that we KNOW works perfectly? EVERY single baby learns to move perfectly; it is the lifestyle of playing one sided sports, getting injured, having a sedentary lifestyle, etc. that messes up that perfect initial year or so that it took to perfect the art of movement!

Here is a video of a patient that I saw for a bit over a month, what he experienced and a snip of one of his accomplishments through DNS!



Why DNS for me?

In my opinion, at this juncture and understanding, DNS allows me to better guide my patients to connect the dots together. I would not be surprised that as I explore this chapter of health improvement path, to see the need for something else. That is life, right?

I am here to answer your questions or brainstorm ideas to tackle that health problem. You are not alone!

Together, we WILL make a difference.


Dr. Shakib