This holiday season, I wanted to grab your attention and help you get ahead of the game before you are stressed out about finding the best last-minute Christmas gifts. This year Easter gifts gave me some healthy ideas for this holiday season like personalized Easter baskets which were a huge hit. I will elaborate more on how you can make these for Christmas or Hanukkah. Here you will find everything from last-minute Christmas gifts for her and best Christmas gifts of 2019 to your favorite hipster Christmas gifts (perhaps a Chemex, or is that so last season?) If you have been following along, most of my blogs are about nutrition, but I am insanely passionate about overall health and wellness. So, I wanted to give you the gift of ways you can sprinkle in health and nutrition this holiday season. It’s that time of year again when everyone is thinking about the holidays and what they will give and what they will get. I like to remember that this season is so much more than the material gifts we may give or receive. There are so many healthy options that can be used that involve quality time, nutrition, health, love, and overall well-being. 

How Do I Make a Personalized Holiday Gift Basket?

This may sound amazingly simple, but it can easily become an afterthought when we are seeing advertisements for all these shiny new things that our friends and family may want. There will be some gift items listed that I believe will help you and your loved ones create systems for healthy living, but first, I want to start with something a little more simple and personal. 

Over the years I have worked for many non-profits that create baskets for auctions. The baskets usually have a theme. For example, a “Date Night” basket may include movie tickets, some popcorn, some healthy snacks, maybe a bottle of wine depending on who it is for. A “Self Care” basket would possibly include some candles, bath salts, a face mask, and a personal development book. See what I am getting at here? MAKE IT AS PERSONAL AS POSSIBLE. Really start to think about your loved ones and the things they enjoy or need. Maybe you have a baseball fan in the family and it’s time to put together a Washington Nationals basket because well, they did win the World Series!

What Are Some Practical Healthy Appliances I Could Gift Someone?

Here we go! Please note, this blog is not sponsored and I have not been paid to endorse these products, I just simply love them and think they are great staples in the kitchen for anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

  1. VitamixThe Vitamix truly does it all. I know you are probably thinking that this is a pretty pricey gift, but once a month they often have sales on refurbished items that arewarrantied and guaranteed. Typically the
    Healthy Gift Ideas

    Healthy Gift Ideas

    specials they run are about $100 off, so keep a lookout. I also referenced the idea of keeping an eye out for Black Friday deals on more of a splurge like this. The Vitamix is the perfect item for daily smoothies, or superfood shakes, or even soups! I have also enjoyed making healthy dressings and my own pesto wit
    h this baby. 

    Best Christmas Gifts 2019

    Best Christmas Gifts 2019

    Ninja Christmas Gift

    Ninja Christmas Gift

  2. NinjaIf the Vitamix is simply out of your price range, another blender I have owned that I absolutely love is the Ninja. They have many different options, I like professional or kitchen versions. Like the Vitamix, it is high powered and comes with travel containers and attachments not just for our liquid meals, but for baking, traveling, or making your own milk.  
  3. SpiralizerOk, we are all by now surely familiar with the zoodle craze! Now there are delicious recipes not only with zucchini noodles, but also carrots, and sometimes beets. There are a few kinds of spiralizers you can get and I will list them here in order from least expensive to most. Personally, I am CHEAP and the handheld one has worked fine for me, but sometimes we like to move fast and efficient which is where the more expensive options may come in. Here is the Hand Held Spiralizer, I am not sure why this is listed as “electric” because it is not, but it works wondersIf you’re looking for a slightly more high tech spiralizer with two blade options and a crank, this is the one you are looking forHere is the electric version of our handheld optionIf that special someone already has a kitchen-aid mixer, you can simply purchase an attachment.
  4. AirfryerThis year all of the infomercials are about air fryers and I really have no problem with it because it is promoting a healthier way to cook. Here are two that I would recommend, again, organized by price. The Mac Daddy Air Fryer that we’ve seen on TV. Here is another more affordable option made by Ninja.

Fitness Apparel

I only wear fitness apparel from two companies. Fabletics and TBB. They are such good quality, amazing value and provide the most support and comfort to that active person you are trying to shop for this holiday season. I have one pair of pants from Fabletics I have owned for almost three years. I happened to be wearing them for almost my entire 1,900-mile bike ride and was wearing them when I took a nasty spill. They only sustained one tiny hole on my hip. They are still in great condition and I wear them all the time. TBB also has apparel with great value and sustainability. I will post links to both, here!

The 3 Items I Swear By For Nutrition!

Lastly, I will leave you with the three items that as a health and nutrition coach I swear by.

  1. Beach BarsI have spoken about these gems before in my blogs about camping and school meals. These would make a super healthy stocking stuffer. They are chocolatey and filled with nutrients. They are gluten-free and one of the healthiest bars on the market check them out here.
  2. Fixate Cookbook 1 & 2One of my favorite meal plans comes from one of my favorite trainers, Autumn Calabrese. I love how simple and delicious her portion system is. Her cookbook is filled with healthy meals, desserts and fun cocktails. Maybe even gift this to yourself and wow your friends as you prepare to be the hostess with the mostess’ this holiday season. Check out cookbook 1 here and 2 here.
  3. Peppermint Mocha SuperfoodsLast but not least, the newest seasonal edition of the healthiest meal I drink EVERY DAY! These plant-based superfoods taste like Christmas and will leave you feeling more satisfied and nourished than Starbucks ever could and for a fraction of the cost! 

“Sarah Savino is my recommended Wellness and Nutrition Coach who resides in Colorado but has a community of clients she guides and manages nationally. She has her frequent retreats that her clients are encouraged but not required to attend and someone who knows first hand how it is to be overworked and overweight. She is a living truth that once within the right community and with the right guide, everything is possible. She can be reached and IG- the_fit_philanthropist ”- Dr. Shakib, your Irvine Chiropractor