Health and Wellness

If you’re anything like me when it comes to how to get healthy or how to lose weight, you’re completely overwhelmed by all the healthy tips out there on fitness, exercise, and how to start eating healthy. Asking yourself questions like, “should I take vitamins and supplements?”, “is healthy eating all it takes?” Health and Wellness is really more simple than you may think. What is most important is learning healthy LIVING tips so you can learn how to stay healthy. Remember, it’s about a lifestyle, not a quick fix. In this blog I will answer all the questions my new clients usually have when starting their health journeys.

1) If I miss a workout do I need to start my challenge all over? 

NO! When I start my clients off, I usually recommend a 21 day challenge (the first one I myself was able to finish) because it takes 21 days to form a habit. The more intensive challenges are sometimes a 60 or 80 day commitment. Typically in the 21 day challenge there is a meal plan to follow, daily 30 minute workouts that include weight lifting, plyo, yoga, hiit, etc. (all have modifications for this folks not ready to lift weights), portion containers to use, and shakes and supplements to try. With that said that’s a lot to learn and navigate in 21 days. Also, I don’t expect that you will reach your ultimate results in 21 days and then be done…the whole goal is a lifestyle change so it’s likely when trying something new, depending on your personality, maybe you won’t be able to do it to full fidelity! What I always tell my clients is, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water!” meaning if you miss a workout, you have some options. Switch it out for your rest day, or skip it and move on! Track what you are doing, see what results you get or don’t with the missed workout and then on your NEXT round of 21 days track your improvement and your ability to move toward doing the program with fidelity, because YES there will be a NEXT time and if you’re serious about changing your life and habits you will likely do the program again until you’re ready to move on to something more advanced!  Who knows? Once you get it right, it could become your “soul mate” program and you could want to do it all the time! Just don’t give up when you moss something, put on your big girl panties and keep moving forward!

2) Do I have to stop eating carbs, drinking alcohol, or having sweets?

NO! This is probably one of the reasons I love what I do most- it’s completely sustainable! Let’s be real, if I immediately told you that you could never do the above named three things, you’d likely tell me I was crazy and then move along to something that seemed easier. The beauty of my challenges and how I teach people to lose weight with nutrition is by using a balanced system that allows you to do the above things in moderation. One of the programs I use to teach you is so simple it uses color coded containers, seems like a no brainer, right?

3) As I start to lose weight or become more active does what I eat change?

Yes! Most of my clients starting their journeys seem to be worried about getting to eat enough food. Well guess what? You get to eat plenty of food. To be honest, when I started this program I found out I was not eating enough foods at the right times with the right balance. Your body needs fuel to function and to burn, to lose weight and to create the right reactions to burn up the unwanted fat and not muscles. Some folks do all the workouts in the program but then on top of that do sports, ski, run, hike etc.  The activity absolutely needs to be accounted for. Each meal plan has a specific algorithm based on weight, height, goals, and activity level. The bracket can always be bumped up or down. As people are navigating their new meal plan and eating style, I always tell them to add an extra serving or two of vegetables and see if that helps. If the client is following the meal plan and is constantly ravished, it is best to reassess and potentially bump up a bracket.

4) If I start using supplements, will I ALWAYS have to use them?

My answer to this is…well that depends on you, your habits, and your goals. For example I’m likely always going to want to use my pre-workout supplements because I simply LOVE IT and feel more motivated to get my workout done. I love my daily superfoods and when doing a challenge, I drink them every day.  When I’m not doing a challenge, I drink them as needed or when I don’t feel like cooking or want a healthy dessert! When I’m lifting heavy I need recovery and recharge supplements often. Once your body adjusts you typically don’t need them though. I have a hydration supplement that I rarely use when working out anymore, but love to take on long bike rides or hikes. I know this answer seems convoluted, but I truly think it depends on what your lifestyle is like.  I recommend that the client stay on all supplements recommended for their goals during their challenge and then decide what is best for them.

5) Do I have to workout at home? I really like the gym atmosphere. 

The answer to this one is easy. Pretty much any device that has a screen and internet access or data allows you to access the fitness programs that I will recommend, the meal plans, cooking shows and so much more! There are over 600 workouts that can be accessed via application or website. They are so easily accessed on multiple devices that you can easily take your “personal trainer” to the gym, outside, a hotel room, or your living room. The options are endless!

6) What if I am pregnant, have celiac, diabetes, food allergies, injuries etc.?

The answer to this is also simple. I ALWAYS tell my new clients to take any of my recommendations to a physician and have them approved. All of my plans are flexible and modifiable and I have never had to turn anyone away.

7) Is your coaching free?

It absolutely is not! You know why? I am providing a service to you, that therefore requires a fee.  Is your gym membership free, are your groceries free? Likely they are not! However, once you sign up with me you can have all the FREE advice you want! I won’t require you to continue buying supplements or paying me a monthly fee.  All I will ask you to do is show up for yourself and I will continue to support you, encourage you, and provide recommendations according to how I think you can reach your results. What’s also awesome, is that like your meals plans and fitness programs, you can access me from anywhere! I can be contacted via social media, email, telephone.  I provide consultation through all of these avenues and am also happy to video chat at anytime! You also have access to an accountability group that spans from the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and anywhere the military goes to connect with other people on the journey with you in case you need some local interaction.
These may not address all of the questions that you have thought of, so if you have any that are not listed here feel free to contact me directly. Point being, yes, questions are completely valid and concerns are normal when contemplating starting a health journey that requires you to invest your time and your money to achieve the results you deserve. There is however a caveat. No matter how many questions you have, don’t ever allow them to become your excuses! The ONLY person that can stand in the way of your results and progress in meeting your goals, is YOU.
My biggest piece of advice is always to get out of your own way and START.  Start something, even if it’s a baby step, even if it has nothing to do with what I have recommended you try to meet your goal, start.  You will never reach your destination if you don’t start taking steps toward it.  Always ask yourself the question, WHY you started contemplating a heath journey to begin with.  I am sure whatever your WHY is will propel you forward in your journey, but he has to matter.  Sure, maybe you want to look good in a bikini but more importantly don’t you want to have the energy for the things and people you love? Start and DO NOT STOP.  You may pause, you may mess up, but don’t throw that baby out with the bath water.

“Sarah Savino is my recommended Wellness and Nutrition Coach who resides in Colorado but has a community of clients she guides and manages nationally. She has her frequent retreats that her clients are encouraged but not required to attend and someone who knows first hand how it is to be overworked and overweight. She is a living truth that once within the right community and with the right guide, everything is possible. Check out her bio. under ‘Meet Our Team’, available on the website here.”- Dr. Shakib