Coaching Session

We have never been shy about alerting the general public about preventative measures that assure a healthier future. The quality of life matters and the actions we take now, determine take us toward or away from a brighter future.

I have utilized social media as an avenue to fulfill the mission of sharing knowledge and as a result of so many people approaching us from across the globe, asking for guidance, I formed a coaching division to service the needs of my out of state and overseas clients who are seeking guidance. While these sessions are not intended for diagnosis nor treatment of any conditions, with over 2 1/2 decades of experience treating patients I feel confident in my ability to guide my clients on their path to wellness and health. The majority of my practical experience is working with those with failed previous treatments, pelvic floor dysfunction and hypermobile bodies, utilizing the latest and the best evidence based methods within the field of movement, stability and posture.

Coaching sessions are most appropriate for individuals who don’t know where to begin, who to seek care from, what questions to ask or how to navigate their path and I am here for my clients with open arms and eagerness to listen and show the way.

Dr. Shakib