I am super excited to get discounts for you, as my family of patients and members of my Tribe, with the following vendors. I hope to add more to the list as I receive more discounted items for my patients. I am here to watch out for you.

Tens unit is like an electronic pain-killer (-ish) and I rather see you use that than taking meds. It is not the top of the line BUT it does its job perfectly. Discount code ‘drshakib’ when checking out will extend a 15% discount. 

Tens Unit

Tens Unit

This is my MOST FAVORITE Planner and STRONGLY recommend you get it. It is for the to-do-list enthusiasts and the ones that run the other way when it comes to to-do lists. It is not for work but for life and lets you get you closer to your life’s dreams! Click on Shop here and apply the discount code drshakib.

90X goal planner

Goal Planner