Most of my blogs and videos are based on the cases I see throughout the day or week. 1 day into the week, I seem to see too many injury cases due to workouts so thought to do a blog on the very subject.

It is essential to KNOW what muscles you are working on- no I am not talking about the name of the muscle or what the anatomy of the muscle is. I suggest you become familiar with the location of the muscle and what 2 points it is connected to. It is so important to not be distracted when working out!

Talking to other people, listening to music or news or watching other people deviates you from focusing on what you are doing. You can MECHANICALLY go through the movements but you are not paying attention to what you are doing and most injuries happen with that. You should pay attention to the very muscle you are working out and make sure no other muscles are contracted when performing that exercise.

Many times, the muscle gets tired so the brain engages other muscles to come in to the picture to perform the task. With more repetition, the muscles fatigue, form is lost and injuries occur. Here is a video I did on the very subject where I also talk about the nutritional uptake you should consider when soft tissue injuries. These nutrients are essential for the tissue recovery and therefore worth noting.

Enjoy and make sure you share this information with your loved ones.

Mamak Shakib, DC